Today I just opened hundreds of dildo

Dear Diary <3

Today I just opened hundreds of dildo’, from small to absolutely HUGE. I was imagining the guys lifting this giant box to the front door and struggling finding out that they were just heaving giant rubber cocks :’)
I don’t think I need to go to the gym in the future, I think I could just lift some of these big ones up and down, maybe I could make a workout video >.<

Beyond my day being filled up with opening up sex toy packages, I’ve also just realised that I’m not 5’6.. I’m 5’4? I was measuring myself for a new cosplay that I’m ordering for a Harry Potter themed party (Hermione’s prom dress). I don’t even know where the number I had before came from lol! maybe I’m just silly and don’t understand math.. but 165cm is 5’4 right?! Anyway, thinking you’re taller and finding out you’re smaller is kinda odd, it changes your perspective of things.. maybe I need to hire one of you to come and measure my bust, just to make sure I don’t get it wrong? hehe >:)

I’m going to go for a walk now, give me a song to listen to <3 I’m going to listen to them all.. in return, I’ll give you one of my favourite songs at the moment.. I hope you like it <3


Dear Fan Diary <3

Dear Fan Diary <3

The weather here has been rainy!
I’ve been stuck inside working on some mystery items and some shoot idea’s which I’m very excited to show you all,
I can’t wait <3

Last night I fell asleep on the sofa replying to messages on here and watching lost in translation, it’s this film set in Japan with Scarlett Johansson, it has a really nice vibe to it, it’s like.. if lofi was a picture or something <3 can you recommend me some films with the whole “lost vibe” that I can watch tonight in bed? please please <3

I’ve never been to Japan, I’ve always wanted to, I think it’s been my dream since forever.. wandering round the streets late at night, finding all the little bars and coffee shops, sitting under the stars at a temple and just talking the night away. Maybe I can take you there with me? We can go and wander around together, I can flirt with you and you can laugh at my really bad jokes. I’m definitely going to do this <3

Okay so I also have a small confession, ever since this whole lockdown stay inside kinda thing, deliveroo has been killing me. I’ve ordered so much food, especially from this place called GBK, it’s this burger place in the UK and they do the best oreo milkshake in the world, you might not know this about me, but one way to my heart is milkshake! but anyway, someone needs to teach me how to cook like a good waifu, i’ve been struggling :<

okay so, to leave things on a less painful and more fun note, I actually really get off to being a little naughty in public. I planned to be extra-kinky for you this week, I’m going up to London tomorrow and I’m bringing my buttplug with me.. I can’t wait to show you <3

p.s recommend me some “lost” movies to watch tonight.
I hope you’ve been well and I luv u <3