Sometimes i just need dick

Sometimes i just need dick sm that i literally beg to have it… like today i totally stopped what i was doing and just lay on the floor wiggling my but in the air begging for just a quick one… (managed to take a pic just before). Didnt even know he recorded a quick snippet of him fucking me >.< kinda hot tho when im being filmed and i dont even know it…


A throwback post

A throwback post, I loved this set and going here, pushing my ass up against the glass for you to see <3 miss u


I think this is the third lockdown

Dear Diary,

LOCKDOWN, I think this is the third lockdown that’s happened in the UK and it’s driving me cwazaayyy. Literally n o t h i n g is open and everywhere is quiet and you’re only allowed out for essentials or for excersise once a day 😞
But, I have put my war paint on and have been fighting against the mega sad feelies of this endless nightmare. I’ve tried to spend time rekindling my indoor hobbies and passions, I even started reading this super cool book.
It’s set in Japan about a boy who’s running away from home for an unknown reason and a story of a man who can talk to cats, and how their destiny intertwines. Some of you will probably know it, it’s written by a famous author ;o
Anyway, It’s got a really nice “lost in translation” vibe to it, about exploring youth, and this weird, mystical adventure they’re both going on. Sometimes you forget how much picking up a book and reading can take
you away for hours on end, it’s like a snapshot into a life that you’ve lived or something ^-^

I’d love to hear about your favourite book, and if it did anything for you? It’s like music, sometimes you can just read, or listen or watch something that can totally change the direction of your life. I was having this thought
yesterday about how everyone has so much entertainment and things to do at home, but we all get bored so easily sometimes, like there is nothing to do.. I think sometimes it’s really healthy to put everything down and stop running from one thing to the next,
I do it all the time and it takes a long time for my brain to calm down, and sometimes in those moments is when I feel creative and relaxed, sometimes I’ll just not take my phone out with me when I’m driving, or I’ll sit in the living room
and not watch TV while I’m making something. It feels like fresh air for my mind sometimes 🙂 maybe you should try it! I also had this thought where I was like “what the frick did people do in like 1800”, can you imagine
during covid being without internet or netflix, or even without books or something to draw with. it’sa crazy. Maybe time to them felt twice as long as it does for us, we’re constantly absorbing, watching or entertained or busy with things.

Anyway, this was a totally random little diary entry for you. I know a lot of you have been waiting for some tasty content and don’t worry, I am preparing a feast for you ❤
Lots of Love,
Your Belle,

sweet dreams tonight :’)