I hope you guys are enjoying more of my natural hair

I hope you guys are enjoying more of my natural hair at the moment! Im going back home tomorrow (sad face) so ill be back to cosplaying!! I got some awesome ones i think youll love!! Excited for u to see themm….



It’s bath time!!

It’s bath time!! Time to clean my lil pussy and scrub myself ❤ making sure that I’m the perfect waiifuuu ❤ Also my ski shoes im wearing reminded me of something wanted to add a little story time to this post, so if you want to hear about a funny adventure I had when I went skiing here it is! 😛

I went skiing in the alps, and I’m actually pretty cool and can ice-skate n stuff so I’m actually pretty “okay” with my balance on my feet. So on the first day, I was like “I’M GOING TO DO THIS” and went straight up the beginner slope and was like “I’m awesome” I can totally handle this, I didn’t even listen to instructions on how to ski or ask for any advice, I kinda do stupid stuff in real life, and don’t really think about consequences (I have a few of these stories haha). So I got to the top of this beginner slope (still big as Frick) and just went in a dead straight line, I didn’t even realise you had to go side to side, I was going down and my face was like ??? bruh this is max velocity for human ??? and when I was like 2/3 down the slope this kid just swerved in my way and I hit him so hard I’m surprised I didn’t kill him to be honest, I felt my knee go straight into his back and spine. I did a flip over him and landed on the floor. I opened my eyes to ask if he’s okay and he’s like balling his eyes out, I hear the sound of this screeching Karen mom running over to me. (p.s I hate RL confrontation) She just started screaming at me, about how I tried to kill her kid and how I was dangerous and shouldn’t be on the slopes. Idk she put me through the Karen shredder. I just never went skiing again, the whole holiday. Long story short, I brutalised a kid by straight lining a slope in skiing, and his Karen mom chewed me up and I was too scared to ski again that holiday. haha 😞 I have a few more stories that have happened like this, so you’ll get to hear more parts soon ❤