I’m shooting a music video tonight!

I’m shooting a music video tonight! I’ll be making two… one for youtube… and an extra NSFW one just for onlyfans ^_-
Cant wait for you guys to see it!!




This is just going to be a lil wholesome post

this is just going to be a lil wholesome post, hope you don’t mind :’)
I thought I’d give you guys a little diary of my day today, I hope you all had a great day/night?

1. wake up, I was soo sleepy this morning, I could barely open my eyes… I stayed up way too late last night, do you ever go to sleep and your head is just buzzing so you need to like.. watch a movie or something? well if you haven’t seen the Rilakuma series on Netflix, THAT IS A 10/10 for watching when you’re trying to get to sleep (also just for watching anyway as its the cutest thing I the universe, the duck makes me die)

2. deliveroo has become the devil recently lmaooo , how am I meant to help myself when I can just get a juicy yummy burger and eat it for lunch? what the heck.

3. I actually went outside today, which is suuuuper rare, especially because everything is like closed and spOooOOKy.. but it was sooo hot out today, I went outside in a jumper and I didn’t even realise lmao. I had to walk back inside and get changed. I walked around town, every store had these huge lines, even weird stores like.. glasses stores I saw a line? crazy. anyway, getting outside is so good for the mind, just hearing the little birds and feeling the sun on your face can really make u feel alive..

4. losing my key. I realised when I came back home that I left my key inside, I had a mini meltdown – nearly every window was locked, but the one over the kitchen sink.. I wonder what the neighbours thought when they saw this girl with a miniskirt, ass sticking out of the window climbing in over her kitchen sink. idk, that kinda makes me lol.

5. going on onlyfans and messaging all of you ❤ I actually really love doing this part everyday, messaging and talking to you all is actually really fun, it’s nice to get to know a lot of you individually and kinda build a connection, I know I haven’t messaged some of you back yet but I’m definitely working on it! :’)

6. I’m kinda spacing out while watching Transylvania 3, I’m trying to type this out and get my photo’s ready to upload but it’s actually a really good film haha. I always try and put on films that don’t make me lose concentration but I just couldn’t help it.. so I’m sorry if this is a little late ❤

7. I have a huge cute white rug on my floor next to my sofa, I’ve kinda just fallen onto that and I think im just going to stay here tonight? if u can recommend me something cute and relaxing to fall asleep too.. that’d be great?

I luv u all ❤

Hello again, Im soOooO excited

Hello again >.< im soOooO excited for you guys to see my new photoset I just shot, this is is going is be kinda fantasy… to be honest the whole idea came from me just really wanting to show off my lord of the rings sword hahah, anybody else a lotr or hobbit fan?
ps… I’ve taken some cute feet pics you might like… if not thats okay… ill just burn them lmao >:))