I hope you are okay :’)

Helloooo <3
I hope you are okay :’)
I’ve got 4 sets coming for you tomorrow! I decided to put them all together for you <3 I’ve just finished spooky decorations for my favourite month and now I’m watching a scary film series on netflix and I’m kinda frozen to the sofa right now. Help :<

hehe, see you tomorrow

your Belle

I hope you liked my story tonight

I hope you liked my story tonight, it turned me on a lot.. now I’m going to take a break. I’ll post the rest of the sets over the next couple of days and maybe a cute diary entry or two! Then I’ll be back for us to go on a date <3 Guess what I’m about to go and do after writing that ;p

Goodnight <3 kisses and cuddles and all things nice :’)