I’ve been really into watching series at the moment

Dear Diary,

I’ve been really into watching series at the moment, I have two series on the go at a time and try and watch one episode of each per day.
I think the whole world is going to start moving into series now, i feel like someday movies will feel outdated, because of the internet and how entertainment is so easily
accessible at home, it’s like.. when you really love something you just want it to be so much more than a couple of hours. You want to get completely a b s o r b e d..
I want to fall asleep afterwards knowing that there is another episode, imagining that I’m apart of the world that I’m watching, excited to wake up the next day and watch the
new one. It’s like with anime right, anime series are way more popular than movies, and I just think it’ll be that way for movies in the future too ^-^
So, please please please with a big cherry on top. Recommend me your favourite series and why so I can consider *sniffles nose* watching it 🙂


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