I have a true story

So I have a true story, of something that I did when I was 18, I haven’t told anyone online about this. I went to a kinda, “sex” swingers place/thing, I’m going to keep it vague, because I enjoyed it a lot, and really want to go back.

So, I’m pretty sure I have your attention now, so I think I’m just going to tell you what happened from my perspective ^-^
I remember when I was travelling, I was googling all kinds of places we could visit, from historical castles and ruins to fun activities and I remember seeing this swingers place, and I was kinda.. intrigued? Idk, I was expecting something kinda funny to watch or at least entertaining.. I was curious. So I remember we went and we got a room on this kinda complex/town and I think what I was expecting was really an understatement to the reality.

I remember the first night we went out at night, there are like various bars etc. So we went and had a drink at a bar, the whole place was like this big semi-circle with loads of apartments, and at night in the centre it was lit up with bright lights and various bars and restaurants, and a lot of sex shops loll. You also have to wear “sexy” clothes outside at night (this sounds crazy, but it’s true lmao), so I wore a tight black, see-through skirt, black frilly panties, stockings and these red half-heels with a collar (and lead) oh – and a black bra. It sounds like it took courage to do it, but everybody dressed like that, so it felt weirdly natural, and it was super warm outside. We were sat at the bar just.. I mean watching.. there was so much good people watching to do, and then this couple our age approached us and asked us we were new, and whether we’d like to “have fun”. I was kinda nervous and explained how I just wanted to watch, but they seemed really nice so they invited us back to their apartment “just for drinks”.

So we said okay.. We walked back to their apartment (it was on the same semi-circle that ours was), and I remember walking past this one room where I could just see this girl getting fucked on this swing right by the open door, I think this was the first I saw of the stuff that was about to come haha, idk.. my heart was racing a bit though. It was so exciting. We got to their apartment and chatted for a while. They offered the play games like ‘truth or dare’ and ‘would you rather’ all whilst his girlfriend was touching my leg.. which was, strange because I’ve never been approached in this way but.. I didn’t not like it? I knew the games were to get us to do stuff together, but I did end up getting off with her on the balcony, kissing and tongues etc.. but what we really learnt from the conversation was; which was the craziest nightclub to go to, to really see some “action”. So they told us but kinda warned us that if we’re new we wouldn’t like it. I was fucking down. That sounded amazing and so much fun.

I came up to the nightclub door, and I remember they said that the first floor was for couples, and downstairs was for single people. So, being lead upstairs I remember going into the room. My newbie, cute, slutty mind was blown, there was people having sex everywhere, threesomes, orgies.. I was kinda shy, and I was so exposed in my tiny little skirt, so I headed to the bar and got a drink and sat down. It was a bit of a shock, and a rush of excitement. I remember starring at all these naked cocks, and women being fucked and used and I just, kinda fell into a spell after a while. It was.. exhilarating? it was about 20 minutes of watching people, but it could have been about an hour. I was so allured. I remember seeing this one girl taking two from behind at once and was just, I’ve just never seen something like this in person before, it’s like “porn”, and then kinda porn I enjoy just being played out in front of my eyes.

So I went downstairs, to see how crazy that was.. It was mainly a room of people dancing and getting off but there was this room at the back. I made my way to the room but this room was very different, instead of it being an area where couples are having sex and orgies. It was a bed where people were fucking in front of people, like a podium or something :> There was a girl on the bed getting fucked to oblivion by this huge cock and I was just so curious about everything, I went past a few beds and there was this wall with holes and I just saw guys lining up, and through the see-through upper part of the wall I could see this girl just.. really going for it, she was using her mouth, her pussy and everything. I felt so flustered and just in awe, I kinda wished I was her ahaha, it was honestly a bit of a shock but it was slowly becoming this strange “normal” kinky reality.

Okay. So at this point, already like 5/6 people had directly approached me to ask me to fuck or participate, and at this point.. I really needed a drink. So I went back upstairs and sat down, there was such an excitement in there air. I just wanted something, I wanted to be fulfilled. I couldn’t bare not touching something, or having something too. So I started getting off with my bf, I just wanted to kiss and feel hands on my legs and ass. I was, absolutely, drenched. My pants were so wet I didn’t even know what was coming over me, I couldn’t stop thinking about being fucked, being used. Before I even knew any time I had passed, I was already pulling off my pants. Not giving a care in the world to the fact that people were watching me. I just needed to be filled too, I needed cock.

It could have been 5 seconds since I started kissing him, or 1 hour, but I was sat there, my pants around my ankles, straddling him with a hard cock in me. I saw people watching my pussy, watching my hips grind but it only made me want more. I was nothing but a slave at this point, a slave on a lead that only wanted one thing. I’ve never been horny like this, it felt like I was in a different dimension. I wanted people to like me, to fantasise that it was them. I was so wet I specifically remember the slapping sound and sensation as I pulled up and pushed my ass down. At this point I was basically in a frenzy. I just wanted more and more. Every time a guy would ask to join or look at me from behind while I was riding cock it would make me even wetter. It was like a kink, the fantasies running through my mind we’re going wild. After a while I needed to go before I did something really, really naughty. So I slid up my soaking wet pants and was lead out of the club by the lead, totally sex-obsessed. Maybe this is where it started with me enjoying you getting off to me? Either way, I honestly think about it all the time to get off, and use it and imagine things like that when I’m fucking or getting myself off. Hehe.

A very naughty Belle from the past ❤

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