*picks up microphone*uhmmm ohh.. HELLO?!

*picks up microphone*uhmmm ohh.. HELLO?! Okay good you can hear me 👉👈

Soo I have been away for a few days and just wanted to say hiiii and that I’m back :3 (and maybe to explain a lil about what I’ve been doing and why I’ve been away)

So I think over Christmas and new year has been a busy time for me! I shot lots of umm, naughty content ^-^ and I’ve been taking some time to enjoy being fucked off camera, I want to make sure I’m treating my pussy and asshole right, so it can keep having fun and enjoying things with you.

I think it’s super important that I keep up sex just 100% for me too, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love showing everything to you, I really do. But sometimes I need to be selfish with my body and that’s so good for me. I’ve been staying in this creaky windy Airbnb in the middle of the Forest, I took a long walk to get food for the first time in ages!! (It was windy and rainy). I got too many snacks by accident and then walking up the dark rainy hill bringing it back was.. haha, well. I actually loved it. Feels so nice to be outside, people forget just how much nature is important to mental health. I did cook up some tasty fajitas though 🙃 the Airbnb makes this crazy noise when the wind blows through, it’s a converted chapel with a log burner, but uhm yeah, it’s not totally without sin here.. hehe.. just enjoying myself and my body as much as I can. I love porn, I love watching porn and making porn. But I also love making myself feel good, being used and enjoyed outside of that. I want to be so genuine to you, I want to be someone you know. Hopefully you can imagine the fun and time I’ve been having for myself.. but, if you want to know about some of the things I’ve been up to… then read on 🙂

I’ve actually been experimenting and learning new techniques which I’ll be showing you really soon. One thing I’ve found out is how much I enjoyed being creampied, so you are going to be seeing some messy footage of my pink hole oozing cum 🥺I think you’re going to looove it. *twiddle my little thumbs* so uhmm.. you want to know another one huh? Okay listen close.. s t r e t c h i n g m y l i t t l e h o l e ^-^ so I was playing last night with a big, bad mean dildo and holy fuck having my holes pushed to the max makes me s c r e a m so I think i want to have lots more double penetration, both in my pussy, one in both, one in my mouth. I want to be your cum doll, so you can imagine using everyhole at once. I get off so much to that I could dieeeeee aaaa. Okay. Back from daydreaming, *clears throat* update! I have been having some serious fucking recently and I can’t wait to show you!!!! See you soon :)) your lover, Belle

I’ve uploaded a picture of what I’m looking at right now so you can see what I’m seeing!!

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