Dear Diary,

I’m going through another obsessional phase, just like the Harry Potter one and the Halloween one >.<
I have spent all today searching (and buying >.> oopsie) emo outfits, and accessories. Okay, so hear me out. Wasn’t the emo phase like the fricken best?
I’ve bought so many cute things and I’m so excited to show you all, so I think you’re going to be seeing a lot of emo/scene things coming in the next month,
because once I’ve become obsessed, I just can’t let go.. :’)

I actually kinda like that part of me, it makes me get really lost in specific vibes and moods, and I feel like I fully channel everything about it!
I think you can probably tell from my last few posts I’ve been going for something a bit different ^-^

So, let’s put on our clunky skate shoes, bracelets, double belts and MCR tee’s and go out?
We can run around the town at night drinking cheap alcohol and we can both go back to yours and listen to our favourite artists?
When we get to your front door I’ll grab your hand and push it up my top to try and persuade you to let me come inside, while your fingers find my tiny, hard little nipples..
I’ll purposely go in front of you when we walk up stairs, so you can see my tight black G-string barely covering anything under my skirt. I bet I could turn you on.
Don’t even get me started on how good It’ll feel when I’m on top and you’re pulling my tiny waist down as you slowly feel my tight wet hole slip around you.
hehe. just teasing 🙂

Luv u <3 rawr

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