Dear Happy New Year Diary!

Dear Happy New Year Diary! ❤

I can’t believe how fast the last year went past, but also when I look back at it so so much has happened. I visited South Korea is Febuary and that was just before I was planning to come
back to the internet. I can’t believe I’ve been back for nearly that long! So much has happened, the world has been going crazy, and my life too has changed so much since then.
I feel closer to people on my onlyfans than ever before, I’ve pushed my content so much further than I ever have before. I’ve shown parts of my body and personality that I never thought I would, and honestly, even
with all the difficulty that came with it. I feel happy coming into the new year. I was a bit cheeky and slept for the first few days a lot 😣 but that just counts as me refreshing mmkayyy ^-^
I want to share some of that warmth and happiness with you too. I’m going to give you all the content you could want this year.. but I want to give you more too.
I wish I could reach out and touch you. Just to say thank you, because every one that’s here has built a community that (mostly lol) is like a little sanctuary for me. Yes, it’s a little naughty but who wants to have a sanctuary that’s
not kinky, naughty and fun? ;o

Anyway, I’m writing this and I’m thinking about what small thing I can give to you individually, because when I’m posting and reading through my onlyfans, I read a lot of things written by you that make my day better.
So maybe I can write something, and just for one second, if even a little bit.. make your day better?

I’m about to get into bed, and I’m wearing one of those blanket hoodies. You know the one’s that are like a whole duvet made into a hoodie? Underneath is my warm little chest.. white panties and fluffy white socks.
I want to describe it all to you, so you can be here with me, for just a minute. I want you to feel the soft, warm skin around my thighs. To feel the frilly white panties that have a slight tear on the back, the smell of my perfume
and my hair. I want you to feel my hands in yours – delicate and small. The sensation of your fingers on my lips, I want you to feel my heat and warmth. I want you to be there with me, to feel my neck. To look into my eyes, which are a little
tired and puffy. To hear my voice, to whisper to you about something you love. To find out what that is, and explore you as you explore me. To have our feet touch under a blanket, to look out at the stars. To take us both away from all this stressful life, for just a minute. Me and you.

I’m just like you. Let’s make the new year a good year. I can’t wait to take you on adventures.
Goodnight, sleep well, yours,
Sleepy Belle ❤

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