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I can feel how long and thick you are, I can even feel the veins as I run my tongue up and down. You watch me, like a helpless, thirsty subservient toy. I push my face towards the top of your underwear and settle my teeth around them, pulling down whilst moaning. You put me back in my place by jerking my head backwards with your hand on my hair, your other hand firmly finding it’s way to my nipples. You can see them standing out of my white tee-shirt, small and hard. You squeeze them painfully and I cry out that I’m sorry. I didn’t realise just how hard they were, I couldn’t stop thinking about what was about to be in my mouth. “Do.. do you like them?” I asked, shyly. “I do” you reply. I can hear you pull down your underwear. “What are you going to-“ I can’t finish my sentence before I can feel something pressed against my lips. It’s warm and hard. I open my mouth and you place your hard cock onto my tongue. I wrap my saliva covered tongue around the tip and close my lips around. I feel you pushing forward as you’re opening my throat. “Holy fuck, it just keeps going”. You look down and see my little throat stretching out. I gag and cough as you slowly pull it back out. “More more more more” I say over and over again as you see a small tear roll down from under my blindfold. My lips are wrapped around tightly, my tongue caressing every inch as I finally feel it’s been pushed in fully.

You whisper “Well done” in my ear as I bounce my ass up and down on the chair. I open my mouth fully, lips apart as you push in and out of my mouth like it’s a Fleshlight, tears streaming down my face as I try and take it. I can feel my saliva all over my chest, I look down and through a small opening in the blind-fold I see that my top is nearly see-through from how wet it is. You pull your cock out of my throat, put your hands firmly around my neck and ***** me, my visions going blurry and I’m lightheaded. You tear off my blind fold and you see my eyes rolling back from how much I love it. You slap me to consciousness and I come back to reality with your hands ripping my teeshirt and bra off. My small, soft tits bounce as you rip the last piece of fabric off of me. My tiny pink nipples are so hard, you grab them, move your head down and wrap your tongue around my warm, tiny, pink nipples.

I’m really bouncing up and down now. I want it so much. I want to be your toy. I grip my hands together behind my back as you suck on my nipples. “I’m so horny I want to scream” I blurt out. You pull away from my tits and stand up, your large hard cock next to my face. “I want it, pleaseee. I’ll do whatever you want to have it”.

You look down at the chair and notice a wet patch pooling underneath my g-string. You harshly grab my legs and lift them up tying them up at the top of the chair, next to my arms. My pussy, g-string and ass facing forward as I’m in a U shape on the chair… you slowly pull up my g-string, you first see my tight little asshole.. then the tiny piece of black fabric slowly slides out from between my pussy. You can see the glistening, wet pink little hole. As you’re pulling them off, you can feel the sticky, wet warmth on your finger as you run it over my pussy. “Use me”.. my legs are tied up, wide apart.. I feel so vulnerable. “please..” My voice fading. “Use me”.

“Not before I train you” you say, sternly.

My eyes work their way over your twitching, hard cock and down your legs, behind you I can see a leather box. You turn around and drag it forward, by the sound of it being pulled over the rugged wooden floor, it’s heavy. As you open it, your hand disappears inside.

“Right, which toy should we train you with?”

I stay quiet.

“A vibrator?”

I stay quiet

“A big one?”

My leg twitches accidentally from being tied up.


From the box you take out a long, thick skin coloured dildo and a black ball gag. You turn back to me, I’m shivering with anticipation. You press the ball gag into my mouth, and tie it around the back of my neck. I can’t move. I can’t speak. I really am about to be trained, and there is nothing I can do about it. You place the toy next to me, press your fingers on my warm pink hole and push them in hard. As I feel your fingers sliding in my feet flex and my toes separate. You can hear the whimpering pleasure of my moans under my gag. Moving your fingers up and down you can feel the wet walls of my hole, my cum running down onto your hand. You start pushing your fingers up and down faster as you feel what’s left of the movement in my body push toward them. “Fuck. I can’t be cumming already” I think to myself as I’m overcome by shooting ecstasy sensations down my legs.

You abruptly pull out your fingers, pulling down my gag and push them into my throat. Making me taste how much I want you. You roughly place the gag back in my mouth, and grab the toy next to you. I barely so much as get a chance to look at it before it’s pushed apart my hole and is quickly sliding its way to the back, my eyes rolling back, legs shaking. You hear muffled screaming moans under my saliva covered gag. “Good girl” “You’re doing so well”. My moaning only getting louder as you push it back and forth roughly, you can hear my soaked pussy stretching, you push it all the way to the back and step backwards, leaving the dildo pushed in. You can see my little pink hole gripping around it, sticking out of me with a stream of my cum pooling underneath my ass.

You turn to the box, but at this point I can barely see. All I can focus on is the feeling of this hard, ribbed dildo slowly sliding out of me whilst my pussy grips it.. as every ridge moves a sensation of rippling pleasure pierces through my whole body. My head falls down as I’m battling with the pleasure. I can see my whole chest is wet from the saliva falling from my mouth gag, my hard nipples glistening with my spit. I see your hand move back towards the dildo, you push it back into me. “Keep it in like a good girl”. As it slides back in, fully filling my hole, I see another toy in your other hand. You push it forward, and I feel it rubbing against my wet asshole. I try to shout out with “wait!” But all you can hear is muffled moaning. I can feel my tight little ass being pushed apart.

I can’t stand it anymore. You’ve barely put in the tip and a rush of heat fills my entire body, my feet tense as my legs start shaking. I’m cumming. I’m cumming so fucking hard. I can feel both of them, I’m so full. I’m shaking and screaming. You push your hand around my throat, my eyes fully roll back, saliva pouring out of my mouth. I start losing consciousness again, all I can feel, see, or am aware of is my whole body shaking, and the sensation of two, big toys almost touching each other inside of me, the only thing in-between them is a wet, stretched, twitching wall. You slap me and I explode with pleasure, a rushing sensation fills my entire body and I arch my back and push my chest up, the dildo that was in my pussy slides out and I squirt a glistening stream of cum as my whole body is shaking.

Your soaking wet hard cock can’t resist anymore. You pound your barely conscious little toy, pulling out the dildo from my ass and fucking both my holes. I’m in a fit of constant moaning. As you feel my pussy grip you, you’re about to cum. You pull off my gag, push the chair back so it falls onto the floor. Stand over my face and cum all over my mouth. I’m staring into your eyes as you empty your huge load all over my face. With all the energy I have left, all I can say is “Thank you..”

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