I want to tell you about this fantasy. I feel like a dirty, bad girl, but I feel like I’m writing this to you in secret. Like you’re a diary and whatever I write won’t go anywhere, you’re my release.

“Move in next door to me. Please be you who moves in next to me” This is what I’m thinking when I see you carrying boxes into the house next to me. The sale sign next door has been put as sold for some time. The way you shot your eyes to me as you walked up the drive made me feel something, I can’t quite work out what it was, but I can’t stop hoping it’s you. I wander over and shyly ask whether you’re moving in next door, and whether we’re neighbours now. You give me a blunt “yes” and move on to continuing unpacking from the van parked in the drive. I don’t understand, the look you’re giving me is totally different to how you just spoke to me, why did you have eye contact with me for so long when you’re going to be indifferent to me when we speak? Maybe you don’t like me? Was there something on my face?

Well, whatever – it doesn’t matter. Maybe you’re having a bad day. I go inside and watch you unpack from the van.. I can’t help but notice you’re carrying some pretty heavy looking metal stuff inside but I can’t quite work out what it is. I’m kinda curious now, I feel like I’m investigating someone’s who’s going to be so close to me, but I have no idea what you’re like. Oh shit, you see me looking through the window at you as you’re unpacking. I drop to the floor so you can’t see me. But you definitely did. Your eyes quickly locked onto mine. It was like a hold and I couldn’t move. My heart is racing, I slowly crawl away from the window out of the living room. I guess I’ll have to investigate you later, I watch a cute movie and fall asleep pretty early, listening to music in my bed.. I wake up in the morning and sit up quickly, I remembered I have to go to the gym, and I’m late for the slot I booked.

I hastily get ready, not realising that I’m wearing the shortest booty shorts in existence as I walk to the gym, and It’s kinda cold. I’m freezing, it’s a short walk but I can’t wait to get warmed up. I walk into the entrance of the gym and up the first flight of stairs, scan my gym card and rush in.. bang. Straight into your back. “Sorry-“ the words barely leave me mouth as you turn around and I recognise you, I start to stutter, but before a word comes out you put your hand on my shoulder. “It’s okay, don’t I know you? Neighbours right?”. Your voice was warmer today, and so was your touch. “Y-yes”. I can barely force the words out of my mouth, I feel like an idiot. “Thought I recognised you. Well, nice to see you” you say. I don’t know why but I can’t speak. “Thanks, yeah I’m also” – wait.. that doesn’t make sense. I start going red and push past you and make my way into the gym. That’s so embarrassing. I can hear you behind me laugh and I go even more red. You say “hold on” softly, “what’s your name”. “Belle” I reply in a rush as I make my way out of this awkward situation. Thank god, he’s walking the other way. I work my way through my routine with my headphones on, every time I think about the interaction with you I blush.

As I’m leaving the gym, I walk through the car-park and see you getting into your car. “Nope, don’t look” I think as I walk past avoiding eye-contact entirely. I put my headphones in and listen to lo-fi whilst walking back. A car pulls over by the curb ahead. It’s your car, I freeze. I don’t know what to do, but I think just standing here or walking back the other way is just strange. I walk forward slowly, carefully approaching your car… this is stupid. You’re probably just being nice and offering me a lift home, and I’m walking towards you like you’re some kind of wild wolf. I quicken my pace and just as it played in my mind as I walked up, you opened your door. “Hey”, I hear cloudily through my headphones… I take one of my earphones out.. “Can I give you a lift home? Seeing as you live.. well. Right next to me.. and it’s freezing out”.

Before I know it.. I’m getting in the car, like my body just followed your command like I’m some NPC in a video game. I notice my tiny gym-shorts have ridden up my ass and I blush as I pull them down. I think to myself how stupid I am, why didn’t I notice? I can feel his eyes flicker over me, then back to the road. You talk, but I can’t really take in what you say. I feel too anxious, so I just nod in return. I feel your hand brush my leg as you change gears and my mind springs back to reality. “Hey Belle, you’re home” you say in a bright tone. “Oh well, haha, thank you so much for the lift”. I get out and scramble to get indoors, the door opens and I close it behind me and I slink to the floor with my back against the door. I’m wet. Wait, I’m wet? Surely not? I notice a tiny little wet patch on my gym shorts and I put my hands down my panties to check. I’m soaking. What.. why?

I go upstairs and change into lingerie, I wanted to take photos today and that’s what I’m going to do. I slide and bend down and my gym-shorts fall to my ankles. I want to wear something exciting today.. maybe a black frilly g-string with some fish nets? Perfect. I pull them up my legs, nice and snug between my little lips and bend over and look in the mirror. These will be good. I go to the spare room, the lighting is best and it’s raining outside, so no one will see me through the window over-looking the garden. I squat, bend, bounce, pull and push, I tease and I play into my phones lens. I want to play today too, I don’t just want to show. I feel in the mood and I just got a new toy. I carefully record myself sliding my little g-string down to my ankles. I lean forward, back arched and slowly place a finger over my little hole. I’m still wet.. I slowly start making a circular motion as my finger ever so slowly slides into my pink hole.. I’m warming myself up as it goes in and out, each time pulling more moisture onto my finger.. I add another one.. slowly pushing my walls apart. My new toy is big and I want to record how much of a good girl I am. As I press the hard, large dildo against my lips and start to move it up and down I turn around the look at the mirror and see a flicker of a shape through the window. You’re in your garden, and you can see right in. Time stops.

I’m on all fours. My huge toy pressed against my tiny ass. I’m just watching you. You don’t look up. And after about 30 seconds of just waiting, I finally move. I move away from the mirror and onto my bed, my heart beating again. I want to finish recording this. I lay on my back, my ass firmly pushed into the bed and spread my legs looking into the camera, my feet in the air, either side of me, under the fishnets. I push the hard, solid, soaked dildo into my hole. It feels like ecstasy. It’s never felt like this the first time I’ve had anything in me. I’m imaging you in the garden, looking up at me. It’s squeezes to the back of my tight hole as my mouth opens uncontrollably. It feels like I’m orgasming already, I sit up and slap myself to come back to reality. I can’t stop thinking about you.

I’m walking down the stairs. I quickly grab a white tee-shirt and put on my booty shorts that I left at the door. I’m knocking on your door. I feel like I’m compelled. Every second I wait after the knock felt like an eternity. “Fuck you” I say when you finally open the door. I found my words finally. “Fuck you for making me feel like this”. My legs are shaking. I push into you hard, you fall back and I fall onto you. You kiss me. My tongue goes straight into your mouth. You put your hand around my neck and push me back. “Didn’t anyone teach you manners?” You say as you can barely push my lips off of yours. “Then fucking teach me manners” I respond. You look down at my shorts and notice they’re wet. I blush, AGAIN. “Fuck you” I say, AGAIN. Your eyes lock onto mine as I bite my lip, you can see from my eyes just how much is going through my head. You lift me off of you and up, like a tiny little doll. You take my hand with yours and pull me further in. My vision goes black as something cloth like is placed over my head. Every time you pull me forward, another thought pops into my head. It’s silent and like this for about 30 seconds.

You push me down hard and I sit. I can feel a cold wooden chair beneath my ass. I feel my tiny gym shorts being roughly pulled down and I don’t even have the desire to say anything anymore. My mind is settled on how much I actually want this. I shyly cross my legs to hide my tiny g-string but I feel them firmly pushed apart by your hands. You force my arms behind my back and I hear the clicking of metal around them. You can see my tiny little body squirm trying to get free. You quickly whip off my hood, and as my eyes come to.. I finally know what you were carrying into the house. Hard iron locked frames, benches, handcuffs.. I don’t finish looking around before you grab my face and force me to look at you.

“Train me to please you. Train me to please you” I can’t stop this thought playing in my head, what’s wrong with me? You slap me across my face and hold my neck again, you tell me to be a good girl and to open my mouth. You tie a blindfold over my eyes as I follow your command like a slave, no hesitation. My mouth open, tongue out, you can see the saliva pooling over my tongue, starting to drip down to the end. I can’t help it. I’m out of control. I hear the sounds of your belt being undone, then zipper.. your hands roughly grab the back of my hair, my saliva dripping down onto chest as you pull my face towards your underwear, your hard cock underneath pushing into my face. I leave a huge wet-patch as I run my tongue all over. You can feel how warm my saliva is as it drips through your white silky pants onto you.

“it’s.. huge..”

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