My fantasy diary

My fantasy diary,
I had a naughty dream recently, and it reminded me that I wanted to write more to you about my fantasies, I want you to know how my mind works..

I want one of my two of my guy “friends” to invite me over for dinner and to play board games with them. Before I go out and see them I want to be a little bit of a tease tonight.. I feel like I’m in that mood and I want to see if I can frustrate them ;p

As I’m picking out what underwear I’m going to wear tonight, I think about the possibility of wearing a g-string, I mean.. it might look good underneath my skirt right? Maybe if I wear a really short one? It’s a little bit risky, so what I do instead, I grab my phone and bend over. I take a nice picture of my thicc ass in my black thong and save it on my phone. I continue getting ready, I’ll save this picture for later…

So, my little white frilly panties which say “fuck me?” Hmm.. cute.. and could definitely be used to tease. Perfect. I finish getting ready, a short red plait skirt, a crop top and.. fishnets. Done. I finish doing my make up and take a few teasing pictures before I get ready to leave. One with my finger in my mouth, another pulling down my top and pushing my lil bewbs together.

I knock on the door to their apartment, and I come in. As we’re having dinner, I want to start my little game; tease and frustrate them as much as possible. First, when I’m talking I give as much eye contact as possible, occasionally biting my lip, only quickly. Then, I accidentally brush their feet one by one under the table, each time I do it I do it for just a little longer…

After we finish dinner, we sit down and play some boardgames, I suggest playing monopoly. Big mistake. I start losing really badly, but every time I have to pay them and I don’t have the money, I say that I can give them a present instead. But they can’t check it until after the game. Hehe, I say it’s sweetly with big puppy eyes.. so they accept. Everytime I do have to pay them, I send them photo’s.. getting more lewd each time. Sucking my finger, bent over..

I lose, but I say we should play truth or dare and they can look at their messages. I can see the look of surprise in their eyes when they check. But, neither of them says anything.

They agree to play truth or dare with me. We start off small, but I can see they start asking more sexual questions to me. This is exactly what I wanted, I’ve got them curious. I start slowly lifting my skirt up, everytime they’re not looking so it get’s shorter and shorter. At this point they can see the edge of my panties. On my next go when one of them responds “truth”. I ask them if they’ve ever imagined me naked? He doesn’t reply but I can see from the red expression on his face he has. He say’s “I can’t answer that but I’ll do a dare instead”. I say “grab my ass”.. but… Your friend can’t watch, he has to close his eyes. That’ll frustrate him. I bend over and push my ass into the air. His firm hands grab my ass cheek. Fuck. After all this tension it feels so good. I check to see if his friend has his eyes open but I can see him peak. Good.

The game continues, they keep asking me truth or dare but I know I’ve got them turned on. I keep answering truth. Oh, I tell them the dirtiest things they’ve ever heard. I can see the bulge in their pants. After a while I want to turn up the heat. I say that I want you guys to imagine me as your little toy for tonight, but on one rule. If you dare me to do something to one of you, the one I’m doing it to has to wear a blindfold, and the one watching can’t touch.

First dare: “take off your skirt”. I slowly take down my skirt, pushing my ass towards their face as it falls to my ankles. Okay. My turn. I dare one of them to push their face into my ass. But, remember, the other one must be blindfolded. He slowly pushes his face into my soft, squishy ass and panties. I can see how turned on this made him. I can see how rock hard his bulge it. I flick it and tell him to stop. Fuck, that made me a little bit wet, I’m feeling kinda shy that it might show through my pants now, but I’m so turned on I can’t stop myself. I want to continue the game.

Next dare: “suck on my finger” I slowly push his finger to the back of my throat. He’s blindfolded but the other guy can tell I’m really into it. I suck back and forth, rolling my eyes and looking at the other guy. Yep. He’s rock hard too. I start bouncing while I’m doing it, teasing him while he’s watching even more. “Done”. I can barely hold myself. My pussy is so wet with excitement. The thought of having two guys is running my imagination wild. I dare one of them to look at my photo’s and rub his bulge through his pants. Fuck that’s hot.

Dare three: “Take off your panties” I am a little shocked at how forward this is, but I can’t wait anymore. I want them to be uncontrollably turned on. I just decide to fully go for it. I slide my wet panties down to my feet, bend over so they can see my tight little ass and wet lil pussy. I don’t know why but it’s so uncontrollably wet, I tell them I’m shy and but that I hope they like the view. They’re both touching themselves, I can tell they do.

I dare them to both take off their pants too, and to close their eyes. They both do it without hesitation. I can’t stop now, they’re both so hard and so big. I walk over to the one on the left, I push my soaking wet pussy into his face. I tell both of them to keep their eyes closed. I can feel his tongue find his way quickly around the shape of my tight ass.. it runs over my clit and ever so slightly presses into my little pussy hole. I moan and push his head back and press my ass into his lap while his eyes are closed. I don’t let his cock go in, but I hold it, let it move up down and over my ass and pussy. They’re both soaked. I push it into my pussy to it just slightly goes in and pull away. I can see his hard cock twitch. I turn to the guy on the right and ask if he feels left out, and tell him not to worry because you’re up next. I tease him, I ask him if he liked my moans, and that if he can imagine what I’m going to do to him.

I walk over but I can’t wait anymore.. I push my tight, wet, desired little pussy straight down on my his twitching cock. I moan loudly as his cock stretches and pushes straight to the back. I bounce, hard. Like a slut that hasn’t ever been able to release. I arch my back and pull my ass apart to make it go as deep as physically fucking possible.

I can’t stop. I’m moaning like a little slut and neither of them can keep their blindfolds on anymore. I tell them to fucking own me. To use me like a fucking slave and to fuck me hard. Before I know it I’m pushed down on the floor, my crop top has been ripped off and my panties are in my mouth. My wrists are pushed into the floor and legs apart. One of them is on top of me, so large and so deep just pounding me as I can hear the wet slapping sound.. I’m almost screaming with pleasure. I barely open my mouth as its quickly filled. The muffled moaning as I get spit-roasted only makes me feel more naughty. I’m being used just like I wanted. As soon as I have a breath to speak the only words I can find are “I want more I want more” before I can’t anymore. Muffled moaning as I cum and push the person on tops chest away.

I fall forward pushing him into the floor, I jump on top riding him while my tight pink hole grips his cock. My legs are soaking. I want to feel more. I lean my chest forward pressing my hard nipples into his chest leaving my ass wide open. I feel the tip push into my ass, there is resistance. It’s so tight and so unused. Every inch feels like a mile. I can feel just how hard he is. I feel every twitch against the walls of my tight asshole. I moan so loudly that the guy underneath me puts his hand over my mouth. It’s slowly making it’s way to the back while my pussy deeply and slowly get’s fucked. I can’t handle it. My eyes roll back and he pushes it all the way in. I feel so filled. I’m cumming, the thought of it was so hot and reality is even hotter. The next 5 minutes passes in a second. My holes being used in synchronisation while my legs shake uncontrollably and my hands clench the floor. Before I know it my back arches as I orgasm so strongly I scream. I can feel them pouring into me. Every single twitch, and throb feels like pure ecstasy. It’s over, and I’ve never felt anything like that. I’m left as a sweaty, sticky shivering mess. I loved it.

I hope you enjoyed it, my mind is just as dirty as yours <3 – belle

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