There is a story to this post so read below

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There is a story to this post so read below <3

This is a secret that I haven’t told before ^-^
I was at my friends 18’th birthday party and she had these two guy room-mates, I only saw one of them because the other one used to work nightshifts at the local store. Me, my friend and her room-mate played some board games, it was kinda fun, I think playing board-games is one of my favourite things to do with friends. We stayed up pretty late, but this guy kept looking at me, giving me “the look”, I wasn’t really interested, but don’t get me wrong, he was kinda cute. We stayed up late and laughed there was definitely a little bit of “tension” in the air.

Anyway, the night of the party isn’t really the story, because I was being a well behaved girl ❤ but, the morning after we went for breakfast (me and my girlfriend) when I got back I was packing my bag to go back home but I couldn’t find my panties anywhere, I changed them in the morning before I went to the coffee shop and I was sure I just left them on the floor in the room that I was staying in, I searched the entire room top from bottom but I couldn’t find them. I asked my friend but she hadn’t seen them either, they were one of my favourite pairs, cute little red ones.

Anyway, I just thought I’d done something stupid with them . Okay, so when I was leaving I went to say goodbye to the guy I met last night and knocked on his door, but it was slightly open, so I just popped my head in.. I swear I saw my panties sticking out from under his bed, but I couldn’t be totally sure. I was shocked and I was trying to keep eye contact so he wouldn’t realise that I was looking, because I was shy and I just didn’t want to accuse this guy of stealing them or to make it awkward.

So I left, I kept thinking back to it, thinking back to if they were really my panties, or if I was just imagining things, or that I was mad that he stole them. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and the more I thought about it the more it changed from wondering to fascination, to thinking about this guy using my used pants. I kept wondering why he had them but I couldn’t get one thought out of my mind, the thought of them being used to please himself.. to use a tiny, little bit of fabric that’s touched me. I would imagine what he would think about, how much it might turn him on. I couldn’t get the idea of the soft fabric being pulled over something so hard. I felt so naughty, I kept using the thought to get me off, to turn me on. It would make me wet, and when I was wet I would think about people using the wet little panties I had on now. I couldn’t stop myself. I used that thought to pleasure myself so much.

PS. (Only sending them out until end of august, so make sure u get a pair before then… i will private message u about your postal address!) 💕


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