Dear Diary <3

Dear Diary <3

Do you ever have that crazy feeling when you’re looking up and you realise you’re on a ball floating in the middle of space.. kind of like when you freak out and realise the earth is spinning and it makes you feel weird ^-^

I remember when I was a kid I was laying on a trampoline at night with my best friend on a sleepover, and we actually saw a shooting star together, my wish unfortunately never came true unfortunately :< aha.

But hey, what would you wish for? If you couldn’t wish for money or to live forever? I think a fricken awesome one would be being able to turn on and off a “life” soundtrack, so whatever you’re going, you can turn on the music that perfectly fits the moment, whether you’re walking in the woods or drinking coffee in a lil’ coffee shop. Being able to turn it off is also super though important lmao :>

I like writing, I want to write more for you, I want you to get to see me how others dont get to, i want to show you things about me, and talk with you. I want to walk with you, even if we only get to walk on these little pages from time to time.

I want to tell you that my favourite flavour milkshake is oreo, that I love the smell of books, that I day dream of going on a date in a specific little coffee shop in japan, in spring. That I will sit outside next to river and the blossoms will be falling. The air will be cool, but it won’t be cold, the sky will be sunny, and I’ll be in a little red dress. I have so much to tell you. I’m going to go to sleep in my warm blanket by the window tonight.

I hope that wherever you are, you’re feeling some happiness.


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