Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

It’s 4:43 am here and I’m sleepy again, the weather has gone from hot to cold here and I kind of like it.. I get to put blankets around me again when I’m sat here messaging and reading in the evening instead of roasting in the heat ^-^

I’m trying to get my fireplace fixed at the moment because one of my lil hamsters bit through the wire and now it’s not working :< I really miss having a fire that I can sit infant of when I write or watch programmes.. there’s something so comforting about it, feeling the heat and watching the flames. Id love to go out in the summer into the woods with friends and building a lil camp-fire :’)

I love nature but I definitely love going to the city too ;o especially at night.. I love looking out the window down at all the pretty lights. I think that’s what I miss about living in the city the most, the warm streetlight out of my bedroom window, the lights and slight hustle bustle below that’s like background ASMR, there’s a real coziness to it, listening to the world around you move and just being in your own little universe. I remember so many nights when I was browsing the internet looking out the window into those lights, there was this one person who had these crazy neon lights in his apartment that I could see in the distance, every night they’d be a different color.. sometimes red, sometimes purple, pink, blue. I’d look at the apartment nearly every night, wondering what it looked like on the inside and who could’ve lived there.Sometimes I’d think about the color of the light being a reflection of my mood. I went on a bit of a tangent but reminiscing is nice sometimes <3

I’ve been thinking about taking a spontaneous trip away again soon, something about travelling to new places and taking photo’s (yes, for you too <3) has felt really exciting recently – I might take you away very soon. Let’s go somewhere with a view over the city, and pretty lights we can stare at together?

Tell me a memory that makes you feel cozy <3
I’m sending u warm cuddles tonight ^-^

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