how do you like my pc set up?

how do you like my pc set up?
also I painted the canvas in the back while I was off the internet, I painted sooo many things I’ll do a post soon showing them all to you ! :’)

This outfit was super fun

This outfit was super fun. I’m super glad you guys picked it! Ahh I love kill la kill, I wish I had a friend like Mako Mankanshoku, she’s the fricken best lmao. also what’s not to like about ecchi fan-service bloodsucking costume’s that make as close to naked as possible 😜
Also – I’m such a noob but I tried to show off my computer set-up a lil bit’ hehe hope I’m not too much of a letdown :< I made it all red and black to match the outfit :>
A lot of people have been requesting more lewd messages and photosets so if you want to check your inbox, you’ll find something in there that u might like ❤

Heyyy!! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend

It always feels weird posting about my kinks because it feels not very sincere, but I really do think about sex a lot …

Can I tell you what fantasy I’ve had stuck in my head all day? I think it’s probably the one I get off to the most..

Student and Teacher roleplay gives me the major hots, I always imagine coming into your class late with the tiniest skirt, being told off for being late and not wearing the proper uniform. I want to do the the worst on all my tests so you’re constantly at my desk telling me off. Every time you tell me off I want you to see my eyes looking up at you with the “fuck” look and I’ll bite my lip just to make it that much more obvious. I want you to keep me behind in class. Please, please keep me behind. I can’t bare how wet my little panties are underneath my skirt..

When you keep me behind I’ll be sat at my desk, and every time you look at me I’ll slowly grind my ass up and down my seat, and keep asking you to repeat the question so you have to come over. I tell you that I think there is a problem with the chair and as I pull my legs apart and you see under my skirt at the little wet patch I’ve made through my panties while I was fantasising about you.

I want to make you unbelievably horny. I want you to see every little eye flutter, look, and cheeky smile I give you.

I want you to give in, give in and fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone before. I want you make me stand up and pull down my pants before you pull the table apart and ask me to put my hands on either one.. ready and waiting for you like a tight wet toy. I want you to fuck me so hard, so lustfully that my legs are shaking uncontrollably, that my soaking wetness is pouring down my legs. I want you to make me cum. I want to feel you as I cum like I never have before, the kind of orgasm where I can barely catch my breath.

I want to this today. I want this so badly.