I thought I’d give you guys a kinda diary entry today

Hiii :’)

I thought I’d give you guys a kinda diary entry today so you can get to know me a little better ^-^

Maybe some of you know this but.. halloween is my AbSoLuTe FaVoUriTe celebration (and because its my birthday in october hehehe) halloween gives me the same feeling as Christmas was when I was lil, it’s so fricken good and spooky, the pumpkins and decorations and fun you can have is MAX.

Near my place there is this crazy “scream park” and every year I’ve gone there for like the last 7 years, they have all these crazy walkthrough attractions with people all dressed up, each one is a different theme like “coven of witches” or “haunted hayride” and it’s set in like this haunted town with actors and music and food and just, ahhh. Have you ever been anywhere where you feeL like you’re in a different universe? So cool.

Anyway, the reason I bought up halloween is because I had a dream last night where I was in this giant spooky castle in this foggy ass town and it was halloween, there were loads of people there but they were all skeletons.. friendly skeletons though they were kinda cute, like sans from undertale. We had a huge feast where the only thing to eat was pumpkin but it tasted like loads of different types of food?? Idk how to explain that, I’ve never even had a sense of taste in a dream before, maybe I ate a spider or something eek.
As the dream continued I went up to this tall tower bit and there was music being played by this skeleton dj, it was open air and the moon was shining down. It was so fricken cool, I wish I could show you all my dream. Maybe we could all party there together..

Do you have a dream you remember as being really awesome?

I hope you all have amazing dreams tonight anyway ^-^ excited to take some videos for you soon. kisses <3

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